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Hunt Groups, Agent Groups, and Auto Attendants

Hunt Group

Hunt Groups are very similar to a standard Telstra line hunt with a few more features and flexibility. Our Hunt Groups have 4 tiers and can have extensions on the first 3 tiers.

Generally the final stage is used for a Message Bank.

Hunt Groups have their own DID which generally becomes the main incoming number unless the customer has an Auto Attendant

Example of a Hunt Group:
Stage 1 Extensions:         500                                         Duration: 10
Stage 2 Extensions:         500 501 502                        Duration: 10
Stage 3 Extensions:         500 501 502                        Duration: 10
Final Stage:                         8500

In this example the reception phone (500) will ring for 30 seconds with extensions 501 and 502 ringing as well after 10 seconds and the mobile number ringing as well after 20 seconds with the call finally diverting to the message bank of extension 500 after 30 seconds.

Mobiles and Auto Attendants can also be put in the final stage. Hunt Groups can also have an after-hours service flag which goes straight to message bank or number of your choosing outside business hours.

Agent Group

Agent Groups have stages like hunt groups but allow you to have the option of a greeting message and hold music, you can also an option for the caller to breakout and leave a message at any time. 

Agent Groups are most commonly used as queues in conjunction with Hunt Groups or Auto Attendants and can add greatly to the caller experience especially when they have Custom Greetings and Music on Hold

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant is an automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) letting callers select from a recorded list of options or dial a direct extension.

You can have as many options as you like, you may also have a different night service on each option as well as have any option go to a voice mail, mobile or hunt group.

This is very useful if you have different areas with multiple handsets i.e.
Option 1 – Sales
Option 2 – Support
When configured with hunt groups each option can even have a different ring tone and display the option name on the handsets within the group.

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