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Call Parking

Call Parking is a system wide hold feature allowing you to place a call on hold on one handset and then pick up the call from any other handset. 

The Call Park feature is activated by pressing a pre-programmed button on your handset. This transfers the current telephone conversation to an Park Orbit number and immediately puts the caller on hold. The park button will then flash on all handsets programmed with the park feature on your system so that the call can later be retrieved.

Uses of call parking

If the desired called party is not the person who picked up the call, and the desired called party is at another location, the person who picked up the call may park the call and then asked the desired called party to retrieve the call.

For example, Karen is an assistant and Holly is her boss. If Karen picks up a call whose desired called party is Holly, Karen can park the call and say "Holly, you have a call parked on line 1" and Holly would press the park 1 button that has been programmed on her Snom Handset to retrieve  the call on hold.

Where is the park button

It depends where the customer has wished for it to be programmed. Every client’s IPBX setup will be slightly different to meet the client’s requirements.  

Call Park Shortcuts

You may wish to park a call by using star codes. This is another way can park a call without a pre-programmed button, handy for cordless and softphone extensions.

1.            To place a call on park you can park the call by pressing *85

2.            To retrieve the call on park at any handset on your IPBX  by pressing *86

You can also transfer directly to the call park number, these are generally designated a 300 range so transferring to 300 will put the call on that park orbit, you can then dial 300 to pick up the call from park.

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