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Message Bank

Message Bank

To access Message Bank from your handset press the Retrieve Button or dial *97

If you have messages in your message bank press * to access the main menu

To access Message Bank from any handset dial 8 followed by the extension number (e.g. 8500 to access the message bank of extension 500)

To access the main menu press * and enter the access code 201100

201100 is the standard pin code for all extensions, this can be changed by the customer and if they forget their new pin code we can reset to the original.

Main Menu

To hear your messages = 1
To change your access code = 2
To record your name = 3
To record your personal welcome message = 4
To record a message = 5
To select your mail box greeting = 9

Messages Menu

Repeat = 4
Delete = 7
Call Back = 8
Envelope Information = 5
Help = 0

Virtual Message Bank

Virtual Message Bank can be used for as a centralized message bank when you do not want to use an extension i.e. for an Auto Attendant, Agent Group, or Hunt Groups as well as after-hours allowing consultants to have their own message banks for their individual extensions only.

Generally they are setup in the 600 extension range and can be set to send straight to an email address.

To check messages on a virtual message bank you dial 8 followed by the extension number (e.g. 8600 to access the message bank of extension 600). 

To access the main menu press * once the current greeting starts to play, you will then be prompted for an access code, the default is 201100

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email can be setup on any extension or a virtual message bank.

Our standard setting is to send the voicemail as a wave file attachment which can be played in and media player with the voicemail deleted from the message bank once sent. 

The following options can also be selected:

  • Send email on missed calls
  • Send email at the end of every call
  • Send email on status changes
  • Send email when mailbox is full
  • Send email if the call was rejected due to blacklisted number

After-Hours Service Flags

After-Hours Service Flags can be assigned to Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants and Agent Groups. They are designed to send calls straight to message bank or number of your choosing outside business hours.

When requesting an automatic service flag please submit your business hours.

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