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Star Codes

Star codes are used to control the PBX. All codes must have two digits and start with a star.

Making Calls

Redial: *66
Call Return:*69
Intercom[1]: *90
Conference: *53


Call cell phone of the extension[1]: *00
Retrieve call from cell phone: *51
Enter cell phone menu: *54
Move current call to cellphone: *52

Transferring calls

Transfer [2]: *77
Call Park [3]: *85              
Call Park Retrieve [3]: *86
Call Pickup [3]: *87

Call Forwarding

Call Forward All (Activate) [2]: *71
Call Forward All (Deactivate):      *72
Call Forward Busy (Activate) [2]: *73      
Call Forward Busy (Deactivate): *74
Call Forward No Answer (Activate) [2]: *75          
Call Forward No Answer (Deactivate): *76


Send Voicemails as Emails(Activate): *95 (only applicable if Voicemail to Email has been requested)
Send Voicemails (Deactivate): *96
Go To Voice Mail: *97
Record new greeting: *98
Clear Voice Message Indicator: *99

Call Center

Record New Greeting[1]: *98
Agent Login [1]: *64
Agent Logout [1]: *65
Call barge [1]: *81
Teach mode [1]: *82
Listen in [1]: *83


Record on key [4]: *10
Record off key [4]: *11
Listen to automatic recordings: *58

[1] An extension number is required after these star codes
[2] A destination number (e.g. an external number) is required after these codes
[3] The argument is optional for these star codes
[4] These codes are used during a conversation; the tones are audible and can be heard by your connected party.

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