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Intercom and Paging Groups


Our intercom feature can be used on all Vonex Quality Assured handsets, this will connect a call on speaker to a single handset and allow two way voice between both handsets, great application in businesses like car parts stores where some people need to work in a hands free environment.

Permissions will need to be setup on each handset that wants to have the ability to intercom, for example of the front desk needs to intercom the parts desk then the permissions will need to be added to the front desk handset.

To activate the intercom feature the customer will use the star code *90 followed by the extension number they wish to intercom to.

Paging Groups

Our paging groups allow multiple handsets to be used as loudspeakers, great for announcements, suitable for supermarkets and airports as well as noisy environments.

Voice traffic is only one way so the handsets in the paging group can only listen but not respond, the system will play a 3 tone sound before connecting the call.

Generally a paging group will be designated as 125 and can be dialled by any handset on the system though custom settings can be added.

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