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PSTN Explained


The Public Switched Telephone Network is the traditional analogue phone system, commonly used in businesses around Australia. PSTN runs on copper pair cables into your building. Vonex Telecom offers PSTN phone line services via Telstra’s Basic Access service.

PSTN can be used for phone lines, fax lines, EFTPOS lines and Internet access. If your business requires more than one (1) line, PSTN phone lines can be grouped together via a feature called “line hunt”. This means you have a main advertised telephone number, and when this line is busy it automatically cycles additional calls to the remaining auxillary lines, which feature line hunt. This would then be shown on your phone system as Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, and so on.

Benefits of PSTN phone lines:

The service is readily available in most areas of Australia, offering connection to a constantly growing service, which currently reaches 97 per cent of Australian homes and businesses

Available with a free standard listing in the White Pages telephone directory and in a range of pricing options

Disadvantages of PSTN phone lines:

Unable to transfer out to mobiles smoothly unless you pay for an additional service know as Business Links

More expensive line rental than digital lines

Currently being phased out across the country with the rise of NBN

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