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Virtual Fax

The Virtual Fax Server allows you to send and receive fax messages via your email

Faxes sent to a traditional fax number are delivered straight to your e-mail inbox as PDF documents - accessible from your PC or Mobile device such as an iPad or Smartphone

You can send from multiple addresses but must specify only one incoming address, you can also to send documents from any device that has your email and is able to attach PDF files

If you have MS Office integration with Outlook you will be able to send directly from Word and other office programs

Your existing fax number can be ported into this system

Items to Note with this Service:
Faxing to international numbers is not available
Each Fax is limited to 8 pages
No Contract

To send a fax simply type the fax number you wish to send to followed by in the Recipient field, leave the subject and body of the email blank

Attach a PDF file no longer than 8 pages and click Send

When a fax is received it will show as below:


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