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Differences in email servers

There are different types of email accounts and many ways to access email.

The two most common types that residential and small business customers are domain based email or web-based email.

Web-Based Email 

Examples of web-based email services are Gmail and Hotmail accounts, these services are generally only accessed via a web browser and can be accessed on any device.

Domain-Based Email

Domain-based email addresses are when you have your own domain or web address, then your email will be

Usually, these accounts will be able to be accessed via a web portal from your browser but most people will set them up in programs such as Outlook on Windows or Mail on MacOS.

Most domain providers will supply both incoming and outgoing email servers and if they do then we would recommend that these servers are the ones you use however sometimes only the incoming server is provided and you may need to use outbound servers from your internet service provider.

Vonex can supply both outbound servers for your domain based email addresses or email addresses that you can use for incoming and outgoing email. If you would like a email address please call our helpdesk or send an email to

For outbound on domain-based services we primarily use SMTP2GO using the following server settings:

SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 2525

This service is authenticated using your email address so you will need to provide the email addresses you wish to use to Vonex so we can add them to the server.

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